terms and conditions

The website's terms and conditions
The website is the official website of The Sea.Net Hotel in Tel-Aviv Ltd. private company number 510523079, the operator of the Sea.Net hotel (the Hotel). Placing an order is possible by calling the phone number +972-3-5171655 or fax number +972-3-5171656 or through this website. Anyone placing an order through this website, states that he read the terms and conditions of the website and he agrees to all of its provisions and conditions and he or anyone on its behalf may not raise any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit, directly or indirectly against the website and/or the Hotel and/or anyone on its behalf.
Anyone placing an order through this website will be required to furnish his personal data including ID number or passport number and credit card number. Providing false personal data will result in legal action against those furnishing the false data, including filing lawsuits for damages that may be suffered by the website and/or the Hotel and/or anyone on their behalf. The credit card information provided through the website are purported to merely secure the order. The actual charge of the credit card will take place only upon arrival at the Hotel. 
Upon completing the order process, the purchaser will receive an automatic message via the Email confirming the order. The purchaser must print the message and bring it to the Hotel and present it at the reception.
Conditions and restrictions
a.       The prices contained in the website are in NIS, include VAT and are designated only for Israelis. Foreign citizens may place an order for vacation packages through the website in dollars according to the updated price list for the period in which the order is placed, where the payment will be calculated according to the hotel dollar rate on the date of payment.
b.      The Hotel may change at any time the conditions and the prices.
c.       Vacancies are limited and order for stay is made only on vacancy basis.
d.      The period of stay will commence upon arrival at the Hotel from 2 PM until 12:00 noon on the departure date. Arrival and/or departure not in the hours, as mentioned above, is subject to approval in advance of the Hotel's management and is coupled with an additional payment.
e.       Infant – up to 2 years old. Child – 2 years old up to 12 years old. Adult – 12 years old and more.
f.       The pictures on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not bind the Hotel.
Order cancellation policy
The hotel's cancellation policy
a. Guests canceling an order for vacation package at least 48 hours prior to arrival, will not be charged with cancellation fees.
b. Guests canceling an order for vacation package during 48 hours prior to arrival, will be charged with cancellation fees, namely, total order cost.